Available in four sizes: 50, 100, 200, & 500 barrel capacity


  • Skid-mounted for portability
  • Unique safety stairway and platform
  • High-capacity mixing hopper
  • Totally enclosed tank
  • Interior lined with a chemical-resistant epoxy coating
  • Round design for strength and quick clean out
  • 8-inch by 6-inch centrifugal pump equipped with a mechanical seal
  • Powered with 225-horsepower John Deere diesel engine
  • Can be connected to our 500-barrel mixing/storage tanks in multiple configurations


  • Mix LCM, high-viscosity and squeeze pills
  • Pre-hydrate gel and pre-mix
  • mud chemicals
  • Mix and pump sweeps
  • Mix work over and completion fluids
  • Increase fluid-mixing capacity at drilling-rig sites

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